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Success Stories

Posted on Apr 5, 2013 | 1 comment

“I just had my first baby and I can’t thank Dr. Messer enough. Several years ago, I saw her after being unable to even have intercourse with my husband. I found this out on my wedding night and continued to live like this for over a year until I finally sought out the care of Dr. Messer. I had never been able to be examined by a doctor. I always left other doctor’s offices in frustration and tears. They seemed so impatient with me. They didn’t understand how it hurt me to allow a Pap smear. But all that changed when I started seeing Dr. Messer.
She was so calm and understanding. She immediately put me at ease. I remember her telling me that if I wasn’t able to tolerate the exam, she would do an exam later under sedation. However, with her peaceful presence, I was able to relax enough to allow an exam, though still uncomfortable and tense. After undergoing treatment for vaginismis, I was able to have sex with my husband. My marriage was saved. I now have a child and am so thankful that there are doctors like Dr. Messer who will deal with difficult problems.”

“I started seeing Dr. Messer based upon the advice of a friend. I was going through menopause and was experiencing pain with sex. Dr. Messer was so knowledgeable and put me at ease. After starting me on hormone therapy and proper lubrication, I was able to have comfortable sex. Who knew there was such a difference with lubricants?”

“After the birth of my last child, I never really felt interested in having sex. Actually, I didn’t care if we ever had sex again. My husband was starting to feel rejected. I knew I had to do something so I booked an appointment with Dr. Messer. She helped me on a program to work on the many issues involved. It took time but with her help, I realized, my marriage needed important attention. Spicing up our relationship has been the best thing for us.”

    1 Comment

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