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VaVaVoom is a program dedicated to improving a woman’s sexual health. We believe a healthy sex life is pivotal to a woman’s personal sense of well-being and to her relationship with her partner. From treating sexual dysfunction to just wanting to spice up one’s sex life, VaVaVoom offers something for everybody.

Secret Struggle

If you suffer from any form of sexual dysfunction, you might think you are the only one and nothing can be done to help. But you are not alone! Sexual dysfunction is more common than you may think and VaVaVoom provides treatment for a variety of issues such as painful intercourse, inability to have intercourse/penetration, inability to achieve orgasm, and decreased sex drive.

Hormones (including Bioidenticals)
Decreased Libido
Painful Intercourse
Vaginismus (inability to achieve penetration)
Difficulty Achieving Orgasm
Age Management (includes hormones and entire lifestyle evaluation)

If you have any of these problems, please call the office today at 480-854-2676 to schedule an appointment with either Dr. Shelly Messer or Nurse Practitioner, Lynne Fiore.

Spice It Up!

Another component of the program is to benefit all women, regardless of any problems. Dr. Messer believes sexuality is a vital component of a woman’s sense of well-being and improves the aging process. Every woman can benefit from spicing up her sex life, so search no more! VaVaVoom is offering evening events complete with round table discussions, appetizers, and product unveilings.

Have a fun evening with your girlfriends, as we exchange ideas to “VaVaVoom in the bedroom”…or anywhere else for that matter!! Check back often for dates of scheduled events.