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Remember The Romance

Posted on Sep 5, 2013 | 0 comments

“It used to be that my skin would flush and my heart would pound when he walked in the room. Ten years and three kids later, we pass in the hallway and we feel more like roommates most days. When we have sex, it’s amazing. But, I’m often so tired from work, kids, house chores, cooking, cleaning and taking care of everyone else that I just want to go to sleep once everyone is settled for the night. I still love him, but I want to feel that passion again.”

If this sounds like you, you need help bringing some VaVaVoom back to the bedroom! Romance does not have to be limited to a fancy night out on the town or a delivery of roses and champagne. Romance can range from the simple gesture to the spectacular event. Whatever path you choose to take, romance can be an all day affair leading up to an exciting, sexy night.

Remember the Romance is a section of our website devoted to providing fun, romantic –and sexy– ideas to help bring back the romantic spark in your relationship. Some topics we cover may teach you something new, but many will probably live up to the name, helping you remember the things you once did to stoke the romantic fires of your relationship.

So stay tuned! Each month we will write about a different way to rekindle the romance and bring back that passion you’ve been missing! And if there is a topic you’d love to see us talk about in the Remember the Romance section of our site, please leave us a comment!

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